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Festive Festival

The Festive Festival was a fun afternoon of festive activities which 20 children from years 3,4,5 and 6 were selected to be a part of. We were all invited to wear a Christmas jumper and given a Santa hat to wear during the festivities. Some of the games that the children took part in were: Snowball fight - a game similar to dodgeball but using much smaller foam balls to act as snowballs. The Igloo challenge - Teams had to build an igloo using 6 hoops and then attempt to throw snowballs at their opponents igloos to try and knock them over, whilst trying to defend their own igloo! Roll the giant snowball - Teams had to use medium sized soft balls to try and roll the giant snowball (a very large, heavier ball) over their opposing teams line. Well done to everybody involved!

Published on 12/12/2017