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Home Resources

Useful things you could have at home to help your child with maths.

Real Life Maths

Fun maths activities to do when shopping, cooking, playing games. You will find lots of ideas to help you engage your child in everyday maths.

On Line Games

Suggested websites for maths games

Worded problems

Examples of Worded Problems - written mathematical questions using real life scenarios. Many test questions are presented in this way.

Exam Papers

Sample SATS papers to show what to expect in year 6

Times Tables

Follow the link to see all the tables your child is expected to learn


We understand that teaching children methods to be able to use when solving calculations is a life skill. For each of the four number operations a comprehensive guide to the calculations that your child may be using is included. What works for one child may not be readily understood by another, the methods develop as your child moves through school. The methods become more efficient and compact.

Abacus Overview

The teaching of the Maths curriculum is covered using Abacus.