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Year 3

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term, so far we have trapped dragons that were running around school! We have written potions for Merlin and we have learnt lots about instructions. This second half term continues with dragons but explorers stories about dragons, thinking about how we can create our own stories using adjectives and noun phrases.

Maths continues to apply our knowledge of the four operations and enables us to solve problems and apply our learning. Keep working on the MET booklets which you all have and remember to ask for VISA stamp tests to check how your learning is going.

Our DT topic explores picture frames and we will be appraising existing frames and considering how we can make our frames interesting, freestanding and of a high aesthetic quality.

There will be lots of learning going on, parents evening and curriculum afternoons. Keep working on your reading comprehension skills and your abacus tasks.

Year 3 team

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