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Year 5

Our Spring term topic is "Awesome America".  First of all we will blast off into space and find out all about the planets in our Solar System as well as the star constellations.  We will be learning about the first rockets to be launched into space including the famous Apollo 11 that landed on the moon.

Returning to Earth, we will study the many amazing geographical features of North America including Death Valley,Yosemite National Park, the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon as well as the earthquake region around San Francisco.

As part of this topic we will be looking at art and design associated with the Native Americans including dreamcatchers and totem poles. We will also be engaging in a printing project based on the work of American artist, Keith Haring.

For English we will be looking at stories from the Native American culture as well as reading the contemporary novel 'There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom' by the American author, Louis Sacher. We will also be learning about how to write an amazing set of instructions and linking this to our car making project.

In RE we will be looking at how faith affects the way people live their lives.  We will focus on the Civil Rights Movement in the USA and other famous people of faith.

In PE we will focus on invasion games and a dance topic linked to our space theme.

We are looking forward to an exciting and hard-working term.

Mr Lake and Mrs Williamson

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